Ireland – Day 1 & 2 – Dublin and Easkey, Ireland

I am really going to try to blog every day of our Ireland trip mostly so I don’t forget! We had such an amazing time! The original thought of Ireland started in November 2016 and became a reality finally in July! It seemed like it took forever to get here and then it was here and gone so fast.  What an amazing trip.

Day 1: We flew in to Dublin and got in around 10:30ish am after flying all night.  We checked in to the hotel and off we went! Once everyone got there we met up at The Woollen Mills which so graciously were able to seat all 14 of us together.  The food and drinks were so yummy! The Mac & Cheese…<3 ❤ So good!

We then walked around the Temple Bar area which was super cool with lots of great pubs and neat shops…and we can’t forget all the gorgeous flowers.  I fell in love!

We stopped in Quays Pub (pronounced Keys) for some beer and live music.  The live Irish music was so awesome! It was a 2 man band and they were so talented.

We also stopped for some super yummy ice cream at Cloud 9 – Temple Bar.  We may or may not have eaten there like 3 times.

Next up was Trinity College where Nolan got to meet up with a friend who is in school there and we walked around in awe of the architecture.  I’m super bummed that the library was closed but was still cool to see all the buildings.

And finally dinner at the Merchants Arch.  If you have a large group this is a great place to go because it is very big compared to the other places and they have live music too 🙂


Day 2:

I woke up early on day two and said I was going for a run which just turned into a brisk walk to Saint Patricks Cathedral and Dublin Castle.  It was nice and early with hardly anyone around which was great. The weather was perfect too.

Saint Patricks Cathedral was break taking and I was pleasantly surprised by the gardens next to it.  So gorgeous! Also note, those guys are mowing the grass with push mowers.  No ride-ons like you see everywhere in the States.  This morning it was me and just a few other people enjoying the perfect weather and beautiful gardens.  One man was sitting enjoying his breakfast…if I would have known I would have brought a book and just relaxed.  It was so peaceful right in the middle of a bustling city.  Since it was so early I did not get to go in…maybe another day!

Later that afternoon we were back at the Woollen Mills for lunch with I think 9 of grandpas cousins….so yes, they were able to accommodate roughly 23 people and were so awesome! I highly recommend trying the out if you are in Dublin.

After lunch it was on to our country house in Easkey, County Sligo, Ireland.  We had roughly a 2.5ish hour drive.  Vince did a great job driving on the wrong side of the road and we quickly figured out that gas stations are not plentiful like they are in the states and restrooms are very few and far between! haha but we made it!

Of course we couldn’t just sit in the house…..we had to explore and see if we could get to the ocean! We made it….but not without some scares.  We had to cross a few pastures with cows and sheep and the cows were a little too interested in us at one point.  But we made it safe 🙂

I’ll be sure to share day 3 and 4 here in the next couple of days!


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