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Mama Love Sessions – Indianapolis Family Photographer

These Mama Love sessions have quickly stolen my heart.  I often feel like Mamas are always super stressed out, worried about outfits, their kids behaving well, giving smiles, etc and they forget to take a step back and enjoy these moments.  These Mama Love sessions capture the joy and beauty of motherhood.  It is to show all the Mamas out there how beautiful they are while mothering and loving their babies.  These sessions are low stress and simply you interacting with your babies and cuddling with them.  Your babies grow so fast and I’m sure you know this.  Time will fly by and you will be craving these sweet cuddles from your babes.  I want to capture those moments and freeze them in time for you!

Initially I was going to do minis 1 day in April and 1 day in May but I have changed my mind! I will be offering these Mama Love, Mom and Me Minis the entire month of April and May.  I don’t want anyone to miss out on these so you have two months to snatch them up at this discounted price!

These sessions can be done in your home or in my studio in downtown Indianapolis.  They are super simple, 20-30 minute sessions.  When I did this session with my sister and her two kids we shot for maybe 10 minutes and got about 30 images!

These photos below were taken in the clients home. Don’t worry if your home is small, all we need is a bed, a window and a chair.  You’ll notice their home below was darker than the studio which makes for really great moody shots. If you love the dark, moody look we can definitely accomplish this in studio as well.  Everyone has their own style that they like.  I personally absolutely love both and love having the ability to create both types of images.

These photos below were taken in my studio in Downtown Indianapolis.

 If you have small children I urge you to book a session like this.  You will not regret it!

To book a Mama Love mini session email me at

I can’t wait to capture the love between you and your sweet babes! ❤

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