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Eloise – Orange County Newborn Photographer

So I haven’t blogged any about Eloise and by this time with Penn I had already written a ton about him! This baby girl deserves the same because she is just as special.  I know that parents wonder how can they ever have so much love for their kids and I, as an aunt, think the same thing.  How can I ever love another baby as much as I love Penn!? Oh, but there is so much love to go around.  My heart is so full for these little ones.  We all know I don’t have kids yet and boy the clock is a tickin’ with no prospects in sight! haha So I will take any and all lovins and cuddles from these little ones as I can get. Really, I have it made right because I can love and spoil them and send them home and forever be fun aunt LaLa?! 🙂 Anyways, here is little Ellie’s story. (be prepared for photo overload)

I’ll admit…we were a couple days past Taylors due date and I was getting a little impatient because gosh darnit I didn’t fly 2K miles to sit and wait for a week for her to be born!….I can only imagine how her mama felt! In her own time, and typical drama girl fashion, she made her way into this world 3 days after her due date.  I was definitely worried that I wouldn’t be in the room when she was born and unfortunately she decided to come so fast I wasn’t there.  So that will forever and always be my special thing with Penn.  Even though I wasn’t there for her birth and was sad about that, I’m so happy she didn’t make her mama go through 26 hours of labor!

When Taylor and Adam FaceTimed me only like an hour or two after leaving for the hospital I thought surely it was just for some fun and to waste the time away in between contractions.  Little did I know they move the camera down to show a beautiful baby girl! I said from day 1 I was hoping for a girl! I couldn’t scream too loud because I was at home with Penn who was sleeping but I was so excited!!! haha 🙂 Thankfully Taylor has really awesome friends and one came over to stay with Penn so I could run up and see the baby real quick.  There was no way I could wait until the next day.  And she was just as beautiful as I had imagined she would be.

IMG_0353 IMG_0369 IMG_0364


Friday morning Penn woke up and of course immediately asked for mom and dad.  I just told him they were at the doctor and dad would be home to get him soon.  Everyone was worried about how Penn would react so Adam came home to take him to the hospital. I went ahead and went up there so I could be there to capture his reaction. At it sure did not disappoint! One of the first things he said was “it popped out!”

IMG_0399 IMG_0407


Eloise got Penn an excavator…and if you know Penn you know he loves all things construction so he thought it was the coolest thing ever! Backtrack 10 months ago when Penn was even two yet, he could tell me what an excavator did and say the word excavator! So crazy!


This next moment….I think we all were in tears. He welcomes his baby sister with open arms and i’m sure our hearts all exploded.  Penn can be rotten but he has the sweetest tender heart.  I know he will be the greatest big brother.


Sweet Eloise, words can not describe how perfect you are.  I can’t wait to watch you grow up, take you shopping, talk about boys, and every thing little girls do with their aunties.


I can’t thank my sister enough, for being such a wonderful mom, for bringing these beautiful little beings into my world, and for letting me be a huge part of their lives.  The love of a child is like none other and I’m so thankful i get to experience it with the best of all.  I’m so thankful for their love and hope I can continue to be the best auntie ever! ❤

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