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Tate Family – Orange County Family Photographer

My 2nd shoot in California was with the beautiful Tate family. ❤ We went to Riley Wilderness Park for their session.  This location may look familiar because I also did Taylors maternity session here.  This park seems to be a little popular with the photographers in Orange County and I can see why! Its so gorgeous and you really wouldn’t even think you were in California.  Thankfully we were able to make it look a little like fall even though it was about 93 degrees this day!


2015-10-03_0016 2015-10-03_0017 2015-10-03_0018

I love that we could get the fall look of the trees and the gorgeous rolling hills all in one place. ❤

2015-10-03_0019 2015-10-03_0020 2015-10-03_0021

I just want to pick this place up and move it to Indiana!

2015-10-03_0022 2015-10-03_0023 2015-10-03_0024 2015-10-03_0025

2015-10-03_0026 2015-10-03_0027 2015-10-03_0028

Moms request and one of my favorites ❤ ❤

2015-10-03_0029 2015-10-03_0030 2015-10-03_0031

2015-10-03_0032 2015-10-03_0033 2015-10-03_0034

2015-10-03_0035 2015-10-03_0036

Thanks again to another awesome family for letting me photograph you! It was such a great time! ❤

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