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Billington Sisters – Laguna Beach Family Photographer

While I was in California for 2 weeks I had two completely amazing photo shoots that exceeded every expectation.  These gorgeous girls were first and I just couldn’t wait to have them in front of my camera.  They are my sisters neighbors and just about the sweetest little things I have ever met.  Their mom picked out Crescent Bay Beach for our session and it was so gorgeous! I’ve wanted to do more photos at the beach and this was the perfect place.  We started out at Crescent Bay Point Park and then went down to the beach.  The view of Laguna from the park is so gorgeous! Plus it gives you a little different scenery for photos with some gorgeous flowers.

2015-10-03_0014 2015-10-03_0013

Then we walked down to the beach and had a great time playing in the water and climbing rocks.


2015-10-03_0011 2015-10-03_0010

I love Warners hand up in the air 🙂


2015-10-03_0008 2015-10-03_0007 2015-10-03_0005 2015-10-03_0006 2015-10-03_0004


These steps lead up to someone’s house.  Could you even imagine?! Ahh…to have a house on the beach in Laguna!

2015-10-03_0002 2015-10-03_0001

Thank you so much again to these gorgeous girls and their mama for having me take their pictures.  You all are such a blessing and i’m so happy you are my sisters neighbors! ❤ ❤ Can’t wait to see you all again in a few months hopefully!

FYI — If you are in the Southern California/Orange County area and are interested in a session please contact me! I’m out in the area every few months and would love to meet up!

2 thoughts on “Billington Sisters – Laguna Beach Family Photographer

  1. Hey! Those photos and girls are absolutely gorgeous 🙂 I’d just like to ask, is the lighting natural, or if not, how was it produced/edited? Thanks ❤

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