Greenberg Wedding – Brownsburg, IN

These two decided to pick a very hot July day to get married but I don’t think it could have been any more perfect! After shooting Hannah and Michael’s engagement pictures I just couldn’t wait for the wedding.  They radiate love and happiness and are simply a joy to be around!

It was so hard to narrow down my favorites so here we go!

Greenberg Wedding-1

Greenberg Wedding-4

Greenberg Wedding-8

Greenberg Wedding-13

Greenberg Wedding-20

Greenberg Wedding-15

Greenberg Wedding-22

Loved these robes! Every one should have these for their ladies on their wedding day ❤

Greenberg Wedding-32

Greenberg Wedding-37

Greenberg Wedding-43

Greenberg Wedding-46

Greenberg Wedding-45

Greenberg Wedding-49

Greenberg Wedding-59

Greenberg Wedding-69

Always time for a selfie!

Greenberg Wedding-72

Greenberg Wedding-74

Greenberg Wedding-76

Greenberg Wedding-78

Greenberg Wedding-90

Greenberg Wedding-91

Greenberg Wedding-98

Greenberg Wedding-109

Greenberg Wedding-102

Greenberg Wedding-111

Greenberg Wedding-114

Greenberg Wedding-131

Greenberg Wedding-163

Greenberg Wedding-138

Greenberg Wedding-165

So happy they decided to do a first look! ❤

Greenberg Wedding-173

Greenberg Wedding-175

Greenberg Wedding-184

Greenberg Wedding-188

Greenberg Wedding-195

Greenberg Wedding-200

Greenberg Wedding-205

Greenberg Wedding-208

Greenberg Wedding-218

Greenberg Wedding-286

Greenberg Wedding-306

Greenberg Wedding-313

Greenberg Wedding-319

Greenberg Wedding-321

Greenberg Wedding-326

Greenberg Wedding-323

Greenberg Wedding-326

Greenberg Wedding-333

Greenberg Wedding-335

You know it’s a good first kiss when the pastor and the flower girl cover their eyes! haha

Greenberg Wedding-342

Greenberg Wedding-365

Greenberg Wedding-376

Greenberg Wedding-367

Greenberg Wedding-380

Greenberg Wedding-386

Greenberg Wedding-5199

Greenberg Wedding-5191

I could have photographed these two for hours! So gorgeous.

Greenberg Wedding-5214

Greenberg Wedding-5295

Greenberg Wedding-5270

Greenberg Wedding-5262

Greenberg Wedding-5238

Greenberg Wedding-5225

Greenberg Wedding-5410

Greenberg Wedding-5429

Greenberg Wedding-6569

Greenberg Wedding-5488

Greenberg Wedding-5491

Greenberg Wedding-5530

Greenberg Wedding-5827

Greenberg Wedding-5817

Greenberg Wedding-5767

Greenberg Wedding-5760

Greenberg Wedding-5726

Greenberg Wedding-5633

Thank you Hannah and Michael for letting me capture your absolutely gorgeous day!! I wish you nothing but the best in your adventures to come. 🙂

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