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Taylor’s Beach Maternity Session

I’m so terrible at blogging…i say this all the time and it never changes! I won’t promise to be better and blog every session because it probably won’t happen! haha. Anyways…I realized I never blogged my sisters super gorgeous beach maternity session.  Love these images so much… I have to share! For those who don’t know my sister, she works out constantly and is in really great shape and when she’s pregnant she’s still tiny even though she thinks she’s huge.  When she was pregnant with her first I prayed for her belly to pop out! Thankfully for my baby belly loving self she popped out a little earlier with this second one…she probably hates that I love it! Anyways, since she’s so fit she doesn’t like having her beautiful pregnant belly so it’s like pulling teeth to get her to show it off. Thankfully she did with these.  And to all those mama’s out there who are self conscious about their baby belly Taylor is probably 10 times worse than you and after we did these pictures she said “wow, these make me feel a lot better about myself” 🙂 Pregnant mamas are beautiful…no question about it.  Be proud of your body and it’s capabilities and show it off! Promise you won’t be disappointed.







My favorites ❤ ❤




but don’t let the cute kid fool ya….he’s rotten!







Can’t wait until this new little one is here! ❤ ❤ Newborn photo shoot on the beach will be  happening!

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