My Jazzy Girl

So if you follow me on Instagram or are personal Facebook friends with me you know my love for my dog is extreme.  She’s my best friend, my cuddle bug, my whole world.  You would also know that she’s been having a rough time lately.  A few months ago she took a tumble down the stairs thanks to me not wiping them down after I walked in with snow on my shoes….it’s hard to not blame myself.  Since then she’s had some major issues with what we think is a pinched nerve in her neck.  At first we just put her on pain meds and a steroid, then when that wasn’t working the word surgery got brought up….and then the words “she’s lived a good life and maybe it’s time” were said…It’s been a rough few months to say the least.

You see, I’m just not prepared, I’m not ready for her to not be here.  I still need her to welcome me home from work every day, I still need her to annoy me every night and want to go outside a million times, I still need her cuddles when I’m sad, and I still need to be amazed by her and how she gets in the fridge or cabinets to get food.  She’s totally ornery, spoiled, and a brat sometimes, but she’s my baby….and I’m just not ready.

I read somewhere that when your dog gets old you get so close to them and your relationship completely changes.  Jasmine took care of me for so long…she was there through an apartment fire, many moves around Indy, failed relationships, a failed engagement…she was there through the worst of times to take care of me…and now it’s my time to take care of her.  We have spent a lot of extra time together these last few months between vet visits and late night cuddles on the floor.

Thankfully she is improving….with laser therapy and herbal medicines she has been improving greatly.  My heart is so happy when I see her prance her cute little self down the hallway.  She is happy again and it almost makes me cry to see it.  Thankfully she knew I wasn’t ready for her to be gone and she fought through all the pain.

When all this started I knew I needed updated photos with her.  I wanted to freeze in time the grey, cuddly babe that I love so much.  I’m so thrilled with these photos and can’t thank Lindy enough for taking them….i’ll cherish them forever. ❤

Here are some of my favs….















2 thoughts on “My Jazzy Girl

  1. Happy tears are flowing – I pray that Jazzy continues to improve and you have many more wonderful years with her. She is a lucky fur baby to have a human momma to love her so 🙂

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