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California Love

So everyone knows at the end of December my sister and her family moved 2,000 miles away to sunny California…sad sad day but at least they were moving somewhere absolutely gorgeous.  If I have to fly somewhere to visit them I’m totally okay with flying to California.  Thankfully, so far, I have been really lucky and been able to get great deals on plane tickets!  Like the same price as if I was to fly to Atlanta or FL  or somewhere like that.  Let’s just pray that I continue to get those cheap plane tickets…crossing my fingers!

So for my first trip originally I had planned on just showing up on their doorstep one day and surprising them…that obviously didn’t happen.  I just couldn’t NOT tell them! This trip has been months in the making and when it finally came we truly had a great time.

The plane ride out there wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great.  Can I just say…if any men are reading this…please try to be courteous of others when you are on a plane.  Especially when you know a woman is sandwiched between two men.  I didn’t have either arm rest or any leg room for the 4.5 hr flight because the two guys i was sitting next to were all sprawled out! Maybe next time I won’t be so lady like and take up all the leg space like they did! Frustrating….anyways! I finally got to John Wayne airport, go down the escalator and here my sweetest little man saying “LaLa! LaLa!” **heart melted**  I’m sure the people around me though I was crazy….hopefully they thought it was sweet.  Penn ran up to me and gave me a hug and it was the greatest! If i’m being honest, I was worried he would be shy since I hadn’t seen him in a month…thankfully he wasn’t! 🙂

IMG_9946That night I got in around 6:30pm so we just stopped real quick by In-N-Out of course so I could get some dinner and then hung out at home before I crashed!

The next day Taylor, Penn and I went to the Spectrum for some fun on the Giant Wheel! Penn loved it! Taylor and I were more nervous than he was.  The view from the top was so pretty!


IMG_9471After that we got a tour of Taco Bell headquarters and had lunch with Adam.  The Taco Bell headquarters are pretty cool! If you haven’t seen this already…watch this video of Conan touring Taco Bell.  We went to all the same places he did. 🙂

After lunch and nap time we had a fun time playing at the park.  Which is literally maybe 10 steps from their front door.  While walking to the park I asked Penn to stop and smile for me and he said “i posin’!”


1.30.2That night Kaela came over for dinner and a fun game of Mad Gab and just a relaxing night in…the next day we were off to the beach!

I had researched some places to go and found Victoria Beach.  The photos I saw were amazing and I knew we had to go there.  Thankfully it’s not too far from Taylor and Adam…like maybe 20 minutes. No fair!

While we were here a nice lady came up to us and told us to look out into the ocean next to a whale watching boat that was out there and we would see the whales spray. We saw about 4 or 5 and it was so cool!

I’m so thankful that Adam likes to use the big camera! It means I get to be in a few. 🙂

1.31.1 1.31.2 1.31.3

Let’s talk about this lady down below here for a second.  Taylor and I haven’t always had the greatest relationship, when we were little I just wanted to be with her and her friends and of course she did NOT want that, then we were closer in high school, not so much when she left for college, then I had a point where I just hated life it seemed and pushed my family away but over the last 4 years or so our relationship has gotten so much stronger.  Her and Adam have been so wonderful to me, helped me get back on my feet when I needed them and supported me through my journey in so many ways! I know that I can always talk to my sister about anything and she will always have my back.  I’m so thankful for her, her encouragement and just for who she is.  I look up to her in so many ways and hope that I one day can be a great wife and mom like she is! 🙂1.31.4

1.31.5We finally found the castle! I was calling it a lighthouse, it’s not that, then a castle, still not that, it’s really just a staircase that looks like part of a castle!



1.31.7Penn found a little area where he could play in the water and was happy just walking up and down and up and down and splashing around.

1.31.8Kaela came and met us down at the beach and then we all headed to get gelato!! Gelato Paradiso was so delicious!!! I would love to have some right now and will definitely be going back.


The next day was very relaxed and I didn’t take too many pictures.  We went to church at Saddleback, grocery shopping, back for more shopping at the Spectrum and then off to Andi’s for the Super Bowl!

2.1.1Penn loved the trampoline.  On the way there he kept saying “I so excited, I can’t wait!” Then he said “I hit my teeth” “Daddy’s chin” Apparently last time he was there he had a little crash! Thankfully this time we didn’t have any crashes even though one picture looks like it.

2.1.2Monday Taylor asked what I wanted to do on my last full day and of course I said the beach!! We had heard from a couple other people to go this beach down by the Montage Resort so we headed that way! The beach is called Treasure Island and was beautiful! I loved this beach! It was nice and flat and the waves weren’t big so we could get down in the water with Penn and he could splash around.  He didn’t care that the temperature of the water was only around 60 degrees!


Around the corner was the cool arch and tide pools.  We put Penn down to splash in a tide pool and were quickly told that wasn’t allowed…oops! The tide pools are protected because of the species living in them.  Thankfully a nice lady came over and educated us about them and we removed Penn from the tide pool and went over to an area where we could play.


IMG_9809The last day we just hung out around the house and relaxed.  My flight was at 1pm so we couldn’t really do much.  That’s okay though because any time spent with my favorite people is a good time.



Taylor had been on a run and snuck up on us while we were taking selfies! hilarious photo in the bottom right.

IMG_99512.3.1Shortly after this we were off to the airport and I was on a plane back to Indy. 😦 I tried to hold back the tears because I knew I would be back in 3 weeks but that still didn’t make it any easier to say goodbye.  Now the countdown to my next trip and Penn’s birthday is on!! 21 days!

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