Scarlett – Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I found out little miss Scarlett would be entering the world early on in mama’s pregnancy and could not have been more excited for this family! I have known Siobhan for probably 6 or 7 years now…photographed their engagement, wedding, and now baby! ❤ It just makes my heart so happy.

Miss Scarlett decided to make us all wait and was a week late! I was so excited to finally meet her.  Her sweet cousin Liam joined us for a few photos.  He did such a good job and only tried to grab her a few times 😉



Newborns at Christmas time is like magic.  The greatest gift you could ever receive at that time of year… (and the Christmas tree makes for pretty photos 😉 )

img_7840 img_7868


Siobhan and Aaron had been given a few outfits to use so we made sure to get those in first!

img_7885 img_7901

Siobhan is a HUGE Gone With The Wind fan and when I saw this hat and bonnet set I just had to get it for our session.  It seemed very Gone With The Wind(ish) and went perfectly with her name.

img_7909 img_7911

img_7924 img_7928 img_7927

One of my favorite newborn photos to date…. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!




I love when they fold up so nice for me.



I can’t wait to see this little one grow up! Such a sweet little doll.

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