Cody & Danielle – Indiana State Fair Session

I have been wanting to do a session at the fair for forever now and finally got the opportunity to! I was so happy when Danielle said she was interested.  Danielle is my wonderful hair stylist and friend and I was so happy to have her in front of my camera. Be sure to check her out over at Stylist317. She is the best!

2014-09-05_0002 2014-09-05_0003 2014-09-05_0004We played some games and Cody won! 🙂


2014-09-05_0006I would never ride on these rides at the fair but they do look neat in photos.



2014-09-05_0009 2014-09-05_0010


2014-09-05_0012This is one of my favorites…so fierce!


2014-09-05_0015 2014-09-05_0014

I’m sad the fair is over but so happy I finally got to do a session there.  Can’t wait for next year!

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