Late night thoughts….

So it’s 2am (most normal people are probably sleeping and won’t see this) and I just got home from a wonderful Miranda Lambert concert and I’m just thinking about how thankful I am and wanted to write it out.  So many days I complain about how much dating sucks, I hate being single, wish I had kids, etc. But really…why!? I’m 28 years old, I have nothing holding me back and can live my life doing what makes me happy.  My close friend and family know how desperately I want to have someone to share my life with and want kids but that is just not in the cards for me right now and I have finally gotten to the place in my life where I am okay with that.  Today I saw a quote from r.m. drake that really spoke to me….

“Then she began to breathe, and live, and every moment took her to a place where goodbyes were hard to come by.  she was in love, but not in love with someone or something, she was in love with her life. and for the first time, in a long time, everything was inspiring” r.m. drake

I have been through a lot of crap, and a lot of struggles that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone and won’t go in to detail on and I am FINALLY thankful for all of it and where all the struggles have brought me.  I can say that I am happy and in such a good place that I never thought I would be able to get to on my own.   A couple nights ago I was out to dinner with friends and we were talking about things and I think it finally clicked….I did it, and on my own!!  I’m sure there were many people that thought I would never make it out of the dark hole that I dug myself into but I did and let me tell you, it feels so good.

So please know, if you are struggling just to make it to the next day, YOU CAN.  There is hope for you, keep believing in yourself when you think no-one else does.  Those hard times you might be going through will only make you stronger and even better in the end.  Love the life you live and make it a great one, because even if you think your life is horrible right now I promise you it will get better as long as you never get up.  Keep working towards your dreams people! 5 years ago I would have never thought I would be able to do the things I am able to today…so just know…your life can change so much in just a matter of years.  Things won’t become perfect overnight but if you keep believing and working towards making yourself better it will happen. Fall in love with yourself, because if you can’t learn to love yourself and the life you have created on your own you will never be able to fully love someone else. It’s hard work but is totally worth it. 🙂 ❤


One thought on “Late night thoughts….

  1. AMEN!!! I love you so much and I am SO very proud of you! Proud of who you are and who you have become. You have so much life ahead of you! Enjoy every minute and know God has a master plan and you only want HIS best for you! You are rocking life…keep it UP! I love yoU!!!!!

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