Keller Sisters

I was so happy to get these three beautiful ladies in front of my camera the other week.  I have been great friends with their mom for about six years now and it has been wonderful watching them grow into beautiful young women. Love you girls so much!

We started out at Ellis Park in Danville and even though this bridge is really pretty I was super nervous walking across it! It moved way too much for my liking! lol


2014-08-10_0026 2014-08-10_0025

2014-08-10_0027 2014-08-10_0028 2014-08-10_0029Then we headed to downtown Danville for an outfit change and more photos.  I just love the old downtown Danville square. Such a cute area.

2014-08-10_0030 2014-08-10_0031 2014-08-10_0032 2014-08-10_0033 2014-08-10_0034 2014-08-10_0035

Thanks ladies for such a fun night! Lets not wait so long to get together again!

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