Birthday Surprise! {personal post}

Back in July my sister and I started thinking about what in the world we would do for my moms 50th birthday.  We knew we had to do something because 50 is a big deal and because she is such a fabulous lady she deserves it!  So we threw around a few ideas, if it should be a surprise, if we wanted to include her in the planning, where it should be, etc.

Originally we thought we would do it at Dawson’s On Main because we absolutely love it there and they have a party room big enough to hold 30 people.  Unfortunately we were not successful with them and we were a little upset with how things were handled when we called to inquire about the room.  tisk tisk Dawsons…we really like ya’ll but you weren’t very helpful. 😦

So anyways, we decided with the number of people she wanted to invite it would be better on our pockets and easier to just have the party at someone’s house.  Unfortunately my house is too small and Taylor’s is too far away so we just volunteered moms house without her knowledge 😉  She has an absolutely charming house so it all worked out well in the end!

Over the next few months Taylor and I planned and got things all together.  Taylor had the invites made and sent.  They were so cute! IMG_5441 copy

Taylor has an awesome friend in New Albany that helped with the cake and banner and I was in charge of getting other decorations.  I had the great idea to do globe string lights in her backyard.  I recently had watched Brothers and Sisters on Netflix and they had them over a table in their backyard and I immediately fell in love.  I found 2 boxes of the exact lights I wanted at Target and snatched them up.  I knew though, that 2 strands wasn’t going to get me very far so I searched Amazon for more.  I found some and ordered 4 more boxes….got them in the mail, everything was great.  Until the day of the party….

I have been so busy with work and photo sessions recently that I just left the box from amazon in the kitchen and didn’t bother to open it until Saturday.  I had 2 photo shoots Saturday morning and was rushing around like a crazy person.  When i got home and opened the box to put all the decorations in the car the only thing in the box was the BULBS….with no STRING! UGh! I about died.  I really thought I was going to break down and cry.  I rushed to Target and thankfully they had 4 more boxes of the exact light I needed….thank you so much Target!! So in the end, the lights that were stressing me out completely got hung and looked beautiful! I was worried about hanging them too but that ended up to be easy and I was stressing for no reason 😉

IMG_5289 copy

IMG_5492 copy

Big thanks to Kim for the beautiful cake and banner!

IMG_5531 copy

IMG_5285 copy

A couple friends (Joie and Jenn) came over before the party to help Taylor and I get everything ready.  Big thanks to them because I don’t think Taylor and I could have gotten it all ready without their help! (we had 4 hrs from the time she left to the time she came back).

IMG_5278 copy

IMG_5281 copy

IMG_5391 copy

IMG_5369 copy

IMG_5372 copy

IMG_5453 copy

So we finally got everything set and the next step was to just wait.  We were all in the backyard and thought surely she would see the lights and just come in the backyard to see what was going on….wrong….she was oblivious and too focused on the fact that she thought I had been in her house!  That was all pretty hilarious because we could all hear her but she didn’t know we were there.  I wish I would have gotten it on video!

Finally after a few minutes of “my daughters been here, why isn’t my alarm set, I SMELL FOOD” she FINALLY came into the backyard. 🙂

IMG_5298 copy

IMG_5303 copy

IMG_5307 copy

IMG_5315 copy

IMG_5319 copy

Pretty sure she completely freaked out when she saw Dana and Angela.  The traveled all the way from Arkansas to be there for moms special day!! 🙂 Mom, Dana, Angela and Shawn all grew up together.

IMG_5322 copy

IMG_5327 copy


As mom went around to see everyone who was at the party she just couldn’t believe everyone was in on the surprise.

IMG_5332 copy

IMG_5334 copy

IMG_5360 copy

IMG_5366 copy

IMG_5412 copy

IMG_5421 copy


We had a tree lined with old pictures of Mom as a kid and the one on the far left was the center of attention most of the night! Lol! Yup, that’s my mom back in the day.

IMG_5443 copy

IMG_5444 copy

Most everyone knows we have family all of the place in TN, AR, CA and NY so we had them send some videos to mom. 🙂 They were the sweetest!

IMG_5471 copy


The rest of the night we just had fun, ate and drank and soaked up the beautiful day! Things got a little crazy towards the end….

IMG_5489 copy

IMG_5494 copy

IMG_5511 copy

IMG_5516 copy

IMG_5519 copy

IMG_5522 copy

We pretended to blow out the candles…unfortunately that was one thing we forgot. 😦

IMG_5528 copy

Both of the dogs got a few sips of wine….you can see Barley in the background getting her drink on. lol!

IMG_5543 copy





I stepped in front of the camera….which I hate to do by myself! lol.  Good updated picture for my business page i guess.

IMG_5550 copy

I then pretty much insisted everyone get their picture made with the lights behind them.  I’m obsessed with them!

IMG_5565 copy

IMG_5568 copy

IMG_5571 copy

IMG_5579 copy

IMG_5581 copy

IMG_5584 copy

IMG_5587 copy

A little wild fun by our makeshift photo booth as the night went on…







Thanks so much to everyone who came and made Mom’s birthday super special!! We had a blast and I’m pretty sure she did too!!

IMG_5536 copy

Also, big HUGE thanks to Courtney from Courtney Venable Photography for coming to photograph the event so I could have fun and not worry about it! The photos are wonderful and we will forever cherish these!


Cheers to mom and being Fabulous and 50!!









2 thoughts on “Birthday Surprise! {personal post}

  1. Lane and Taylor, you were so creative and did a fabulous job honoring your mother!! You all looked like you were having a wild and crazy time!!!

  2. This was awesome. So proud of you two girls. can’t believe everyone looks older except Lisa!! Haha Love you Laney and Tay!

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