Rylee – Indianapolis Children’s Photographer

Laura contacted me a while back to set up photos for her sweet family and on the day we had scheduled little miss Rylee wasn’t really feeling it.  We decided to reschedule for the next weekend and hope that she would be feeling better.  Thankfully she was! It was so great to to meet this family and to be able to photograph them.

Rylee, you are a doll!

2013-08-12_0001 2013-08-12_0003 2013-08-12_0002 2013-08-12_0004

2013-08-12_0006 2013-08-12_0008 2013-08-12_0007

I absolutely adore the cowboy hat!! 🙂


2013-08-12_0009This precious girl LOVES horsies, a girl after my own heart! I really wish there would have been some there for her.

2013-08-12_0010 2013-08-12_0012 2013-08-12_0011

2013-08-12_0013 2013-08-12_0014

Next we changed outfits and locations…and went to one of my favorite places.  The yellow flowers worked so well with her cute little outfit!

2013-08-12_0015 2013-08-12_0018 2013-08-12_0017 2013-08-12_0016

Devine family, thank you so much for letting me capture these memories for you! It was a pleasure 🙂

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