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Arkansas Trip

Most everyone knows that on June 12th my Mimi had a subdural hematoma (bleed in her brain) and had to have brain surgery. Thankfully the surgery went well and in a few weeks she was back home.  The road to recovery has been long but she is getting there.  My sister and I decided to drive down to Arkansas and spend a week with her, my Papa and my aunt.  My sister and I used to spend summers with them so it was great to be able to do that again.

When we first got there I was so happy to see how great Mimi looked! She even had her red lipstick on 🙂

Mimi, Papa and Trish haven’t gotten much time with Penn so this was great for them! Penn can be some good rehab for Mimi.

2013-08-11_0002 2013-08-11_0001


One day while Mimi and Trish went to therapy Papa took Taylor and I to the Jane Store for lunch.  Papa had told me about this place that only had a couple tables and no menu.  You got what was on special for the day or you didn’t get anything.  Jane is in Missouri and is just a little spec on the map.  I even tried to find the population and couldn’t! I so badly wish I would have take more pictures there but here are a few cell phone pics from lunch.

45214_10100719562089183_1947147268_nThey served our sweet tea in Mason Jars 🙂


Thursday Trish, Mimi and Papa had to go to Springfield to meet with a few doctors so Taylor and went out to explore.  We went to the Crystal Bridges museum and walked some trails with Penn.

2013-08-11_0003 2013-08-11_0004 2013-08-11_0005 2013-08-11_0006 2013-08-11_0007

After Crystal Bridges we spent some time in downtown Bentonville and Rogers.  They have such cute little towns! 🙂



2013-08-11_0008 2013-08-11_0012 2013-08-11_0011 2013-08-11_0010 2013-08-11_0009

We also had to make a trip to TCBY.  We went there all the time when we lived in AR and just had to have some white chocolate moose! It is definitely way different now than it used to be but it was still delicious!


Before we left we made sure to get some pictures of all of us in our Taylor Strong shirts.  If you look closely the T is the shape of Mimis helmet.

2013-08-11_0013 2013-08-11_0014 2013-08-11_0015 2013-08-11_0016 2013-08-11_0017

It was such a great week and I am so happy we got to spend this time together.  Mimi goes back in for surgery to replace the part of her skull they left out after the surgery.  Hopefully having that back in will help with her balance and recovery.  She has been so strong through all of this and I just pray everything works out and we get the Mimi back who could probably out run me!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well wishes.  They are much appreciated!

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