Jeremy and Rachel – Indianapolis Engagement Photographer

I have known Rachel for a little over a year now and Jeremy for about 6 months and I was so excited when I got email from Rachel saying he proposed! They are so cute together and such a fun couple!! Their wedding is going to be a blast and from the details Rachel has told me it is going to be absolutely gorgeous.

2013-07-31_0001 2013-07-31_0004 2013-07-31_0003 2013-07-31_0002

2013-07-31_0005 2013-07-31_0006This shows just a bit of the fun we had.  You never know how the guys are going to be during photo shoots but Jeremy definitely is a hoot!

2013-07-31_0007The next few are my favorites from the shoot.  I was so happy to see these gorgeous flowers.

2013-07-31_0008 2013-07-31_0010 2013-07-31_0009

2013-07-31_0012 2013-07-31_0016 2013-07-31_0015 2013-07-31_0014 2013-07-31_0013

Thanks again, Rachel and Jeremy, for letting me capture all these special moments in your life.  I can’t wait for wedding day!

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