Time on the Lake – 2013

Over the 4th of July Tayor, Adam, Penn and I went down to Arkansas to spend a few days on the lake.  I had not been there since high school so it was so great to be back there! The lake house has been in my dad’s family since the 50’s and hasn’t changed much at all since then.  It is such a great little getaway with no TV, no internet just peace and quiet. 🙂 Here are some of my favorite photos.

We decided to take the dogs too so Jaz and I rode together and met up with everyone else once we got there.  This was the first time Jaz had been in the car for longer than 2 hours….the whole trip was about 10 hrs.941192_10100680298089553_92314340_n


We made it!

1003991_10100680829789023_338889378_n 1012741_10100681030072653_620672714_n

The first day was filled with relaxing because we were all exhausted from being int he car for so long!

2013-07-30_0001 2013-07-30_0002

Penns first time in the lake! Don’t mind the yucky muddy water. This is right by the dock and the boats make the water yucky.  The water out in the middle of the lake is so clear blue and gorgeous!

2013-07-30_0003 2013-07-30_0005 2013-07-30_0004

Everyone had to have a life jacket…including Penn and Barley!


2013-07-30_0008 2013-07-30_0010 2013-07-30_0009

Loved seeing the sail boats.


Penn and I both learned to drive the boat 🙂



2013-07-30_0012 2013-07-30_0013Rick came down to visit as well.  So great to see him!


2013-07-30_0016 2013-07-30_0017Barley loved the water.  I jumped in the first day and she immediately jumped in after me.  She could be a rescue dog if trained properly.

2013-07-30_0018 2013-07-30_0019While we were there i insisted on Taylor taking a couple photos of Penn and me.  Love these 🙂

2013-07-30_0020There is a really nice shaded pool in the neighborhood so we took Penn there one day.  He definitely loves the water.

2013-07-30_0021 2013-07-30_0026 2013-07-30_0025 2013-07-30_0024 2013-07-30_0023 2013-07-30_0022These baby girls did such a good job.  They sure loved being in this beautiful place.



And here we all are.  Hopefully we will make this a yearly trip! So much fun.


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