Evan – Indianapolis Childrens Photographer

This sweet little man has a special place in my heart 🙂 I was there shortly after he was born and have photographed him almost every 3 months since.  Hard to believe he is now over 18 months old.



3 months


6 months – and some of my favorite photos of him!


9 months


1 year

[EVAN 1 YEAR} by LaneyBug Photos 41-M

And our most recent shoot at 18 months.  He was a little stinker and just wanted to play and run around.  But I still managed to snag some good ones! He still has those killer blue eyes that are to die for.

LaneyBugPhotos 32-M

LaneyBugPhotos 27-L

At first he was interested in the camera thankfully and then we just kept hearing “i don’t want it, i don’t want it!” That is his cute little saying instead of just saying NO!

LaneyBugPhotos 28-L

LaneyBugPhotos 22-L

LaneyBugPhotos 6-M

Run little man, run! 🙂

LaneyBugPhotos 3-L

It was such a pleasure to see this family again and get to catch up.  Maybe next time Evan will like the camera a little  more. 🙂

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