Womans Best Friend….

7 years…

I have had this little nugget for 7 years now.  Hard to believe she was ever this little…

Unfortunately back then I didn’t even have a digital camera I don’t think.  This was taken on one of my old phones.  She was such a sweet little puppy.  My roommate and I got her together and they told us she would be a mid-size dog around 30-40 pounds.  So we thought when she was the size in the picture below maybe she was almost done growing…well this picture below is also 2005 and she was probably only 8 months old or so.  Little did I know she would grow to be 75 pounds!

Jasmine and I have been through lots together…the first big one was only a month or so after we got her when our apartment burned down.  The only thing we grabbed out of our apartment was the dog.  I remember holding her and she felt like 100 pounds.  We had to have a neighbor help us with her because we were so distraught.  She was all we had.

Shortly after the fire my roommate and I went our separate ways and Jasmine went with her.  About 6 months or so later I got Jasmine back and couldn’t have been happier.  Jazzy has been by my side ever since.  Through all the ups and downs, life’s struggles and victories, she has been there.


Little young thang — 2 years old and no grey hair 🙂 

2007 – She always has been the best cuddler!

2009 – Getting a little grey 😦

2010 – Mama finally got a good camera 🙂

2011 – We had some more major downs in 2011 and miss Jasmine was right by my side the whole time.  There were days were I didn’t want to move and she would lay down right next to me and give me sweet cuddles and kisses.  She helped heal me.

We moved into a new house and it was rough on Jasmine.  She didn’t eat for a week and cried a lot.  We both were struggling at the same time but pulled through together.  There were so many days where I wished she could understand what I was saying to her so I could explain what was going on…

Bring on 2012! 7 years together. Holy cow! I can’t believe! We have had  a great year so far. 🙂 I don’t know how I would have made it through the last 7 years without her.  She is my rock!

After 7 years I decided it was time for some professional photos.  To celebrate all that we have come through together.  I will FOREVER cherish these photos! Thanks so much to Melissa of Willow Grove Photography!

I love my baby girl and hope to have her by my side for many years to come.  She really is this girls best friend.  Love her with all my heart.  Some people may think i’m crazy, but I know there are those out there that feel the exact same way about their pup as I do. 🙂

and p.s. — Get photos done with your pets!! 🙂 They are like your children and deserve great photos!

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