Goodwin Family

So i’ve decided to be better about blogging starting now! I’m going to try to blog every session right after i’m done editing so I get in the habit of it. 🙂

I met these cuties grandma through another client of mine and she had the idea of a 4th of July inspired session.  I was thrilled! I just love the 4th of July…the colors, fireworks, American flags, all of it.  I knew this would be a super cute session.  Here are some of my favorites.

Little miss Marlee loved her cousin Luke and wanted him to be next to her in all the pictures! So sweet 🙂

Anita had the great idea of bringing bubbles.  I think I should bring these to all sessions. Loved them!

These next few of Marlee are some of my favorites.  She is such a pretty little girl.

The boys are dolls and I can just imagine them being great friends as they get older. ❤

To see all of the images from this session please click the link below.

Goodwin Cousins Album

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