Lady Antebellum Rebuilding Henryville Charity Ball

On Wednesday, May 16th, I headed down to Louisville, KY  to attend the Rebuilding Henryville Charity Ball.  This was a show put on by Lady Antebellum to help raise money for Henryville and give the kids of Henryville High a night they would never forget.

On March 2nd Henryville was hit by a EF4 tornado that tore through their town damaging their school, many homes and taking the lives of loved ones.


Lady Antebellum had a contest going on to bring Lady A to your prom and many other schools across the US submitted entries on Henryville’s behalf including their rival school Silver Creek. Lady A listened to all of those videos and decided to give this amazing night to the kids of Henryville.

The kids arrived early and got to enjoy music, dancing and a private performance from Lady A.  Charles and Hillary even picked two kids to dance with while they sang “Dancing Away With My Heart”….ahhh I wish that was me! haha. After their private show the big concert began.  The floor was reserved for only the kids and those of us who purchased tickets were in the stands.


Lady A didn’t hold back at all with this event…they brought the whole big show! Their lighting is beyond amazing.



Prior to the show they announced that Lipton, who sponsored the event, donated $50k and ticket money + donations from Lady A totaled $235k….that’s a total of $285k but doesn’t count t-shirt and poster sales.  How amazing!!

This is just one more thing that makes me love Lady A even more.  Not only do I love their music but I love them as people.  They do good without hesitation and haven’t let fame get to their head.

Hillary tweeted this after the show:

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. (Prov 16:3) There is power in prayer, and nothing is coincidence! xoxo”

So I just want to say THANK YOU to Lady A for putting on such an amazing event for some people who really needed a lift.  They deserved to have a night for them and to be carefree and they sure got it!

To see all of my photos from the evening you can go here:

Lady A Rebuilding Henryville Charity Ball Photo Album

If you would like to donate to Henryville please go here:

Crowd Rise Donation Site

To read more about the evening please go here:



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