Grandma Ozman

A couple weeks ago a Facebook friend of mine contacted me and asked I would take some photos of her family and their grandma who was not doing very well.  She didn’t know how much longer Grandma Ozman was going to be around and wanted to have just a few more photos of her before she was gone.  Chrissy is the friend who contacted me, I had never met her before but I am so happy she trusted me to capture these moments for her! I was so honored to be there that day.  I spent over 3 hours with them and it was one of the greatest moments in this crazy photography journey I have been on so far.  It really was amazing.


Gladys Elaine Ozman.  Born April 21st 1918 <—- Yeah you read that right. 1918! She was born & raised in Leaksville North Carolina and you can still hear that southern accent in her voice. 🙂

We started off with primping Grandma and did her hair and make-up. 🙂 So fun!

Gladys Ozman has 2 children, 7 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren! Everyday her daughter reads to her, takes care of her and does anything and everything she needs.  The really neat part is that she reads letters to Gladys that were written in the 1940’s.  The history and stories that come from these letters are inspiring.



Gladys and her daughter have a great bond.  I didn’t cry until these last few minutes with them together.

Grandma Ozman is an amazing woman.  I’m so happy that I got to meet and photograph her.  She is just beautiful as well as all of her family.

Thank you Chrissy, for asking me to do this for you.  I will always remember this great day.







One thought on “Grandma Ozman

  1. Amazing – what a lucky family to have her still with them, and you for capture more memories for them all. They could not have chosen at better person as you put your heart and soul into all you do. God bless you and this precious family 🙂

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