Mahwah, NJ

Have you ever heard of Mahwah, NJ? I hadn’t until August 2010.  Dave and I took a road trip last year to upstate New York for a Legends race that he had been going to for the past 4 years.  The owner of the track lives in Mahwah, NJ.  It is a cute city in New Jersey that is home to the Graf family.  Joe, Nancy and their 3 kids.  Joe and Nancy have been together for 25 years…married for 15. Amazing.

I have had the pleasure of getting to spend time with this family twice now and love it more and more.  I could spend so much time with them and just soak in all in.  They ALL are so smart and just over all great people.  That family will change the world.  I only hope one day to have a family like theirs.

Even though it rained on our trip to Bethel Motor Speedway it still was a good one. Any time spent with the people of Mahwah, NJ and those at Bethel Motor Speedway is great and a little rain won’t hurt it. 🙂  The race was cancelled Saturday night and they ended up getting it in on Sunday. Unfortunately Dave and I had to fly back Sunday afternoon and missed it.  There is always next year!

Sunday before we left Dave and I drove around Mahwah to take in the sites before we left.  There was a really neat old farm down the street from the Graf house so I jumped out and took some pictures. I can never pass up horses!

Also on our journey through Mahwah we saw these little guys….hanging out in someone’s front yard! Deer are everywhere there!! And they weren’t even scared of us! 🙂

See….right next to their garage!

And last but certainly not least is this house…this was the previous home of a Giants player. I THINK Tiki Barber but i’m not positive. It is just MASSIVE! Crazy big. The picture doesn’t really show the scale very well but whoa…a little overboard to me!

And that is all from Mahwah, NJ. Hope to spend more time there next year!

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